Nervous Patients

Storm Dental, Nervous dental patientAnxious, nervous and phobic patients are welcome to join StormDental.

We try hard to live up to our claim to provide 'Caring Dentistry'.

Here is how we care for nervous, anxious and phobic patients.

On the first visit, we will carry out a full check-up to see what treatment is required.  If you prefer, this can be done by the dentist using only a piece of cotton wool to dry the teeth, and a mirror to look at the teeth.  At this stage there is no commitment to go any further with any treatment.  We may take x-rays on the first visit to help us to see what needs to be done.

Once we have agreed what treatment is needed and wanted, we can consider how this best be provided.  For nervous, anxious and phobic patients we offer 2 forms of assistance.

1. First and most importantly, we hope our calm and sympathetic approach, developed over many years of experience, starts the process of rebuilding any lost confidence.  For anxious patients we like to carefully plan treatment, perhaps starting with a small filling or scale and polish, to begin developing trust and rapport.  As confidence grows, we can move on to more complex treatment, until everything is complete and the mouth is restored to full health.

2. We can offer RA sedation, sometimes known as ‘gas and air’.  Many patients know the benefits of ‘gas and air’ from their time in the hospital labour suite.  The same gases are available at StormDental.  The calming, soothing effects of RA sedation allow even the most petrified of patients to cope with dental treatment.  With RA sedation the patients don’t fall asleep.  They just become relaxed enough to receive dental treatment.

*In extreme phobia we can arrange referral to hospital for a General Anaesthetic.

  • "1st visit today and the staff are very friendly and pleasant. I'll certainly be recommending them to all my friends and family."

  • "Was here today for my first appointment, staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease. Atmosphere is very relaxed which passes on to the patients. Hope the practice is a great success in Dreghorn."

  • "Would like to say thank you to all at StormDental. They are so good and are so helpful, always happy to help whether it’s last minute appointment or helping scared patients through their treatment. Thank you all."

  • "Great staff, great service!  Never been so at ease at any dentist in all my 47 years. Highly recommended."

  • "Could not recommend anybody else.  StormDental is the one and only choice for me now."

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