Dental Examinations

Storm Dental, Dental Examinations

We carry out a full and comprehensive examination.

First, we check if the patient is having any problems with their mouth and the background story. We check the patient's medical health to be sure that any dental treatment would be safe for the general health. The dentist checks the area around the mouth is healthy, then examines the lips, cheeks, palate and tongue. When examining the teeth, the dentist makes a note of teeth present and missing, any fillings, crowns etc present and whatever treatment is needed. Next, the dentist looks at the way the teeth bite together then notes any loose teeth.

An examination of the gums reveals any areas of infection that needed treated.

At this point it is often useful to have some xrays taken to see inside the teeth and the level of the bones holding the teeth. The dentist and patient then decide what treatment is needed and wanted. If the patient is nervous of dental treatment, the dentist would explain the benefits of gas-and-air sedation. A detailed quotation of the costs of treatment is prepared and an appointment is arranged to go ahead with the proposed treatment.